Day 3 Update


We are trying something new and will have a “Tech Faire” called Startup Showcase where you’ll display your demos to all of us as well as about 200 museum visitors who’ve been invited to participate. You’ll also be presenting a 5-minute slide-based presentation to the judging panel.. and you’ll be competing for prizes!

FIRST, the bad news. You must stop working and start moving your demos and personal belongings out to the showcase area at 4pm. You will get a long table with a sign and almost anything you need to demo your project. Be sure to ask if you have special needs and think about how you’ll present your project. Please sign up here with information about your team. We’ll make something generic for those who don’t.

Showcase starts at 5pm sharp. Judges will walk by and spend 5 minutes with you. Impress them.

Did we mention Dinner is served at 4pm?

SECOND, here’s the breakdown for Sunday night’s presentations:

·   We will post a list of the presentation order for all teams tonight, shortly before you present. Two teams will get to select their spot in a small competition during the final Check-in today. Do you want to choose your spot? Be sure you’re there!

Please make sure your team has filled out the team survey ( in order to be on that list of companies pitching!  Select “San Jose MAKER” in the Event dropdown on the survey.  **SUPER IMPORTANT**

·   You will be connecting your personal laptops to the projector for your presentations. Tech check will begin at 2PM in the Lab.

·   Each team will have 5 minutes to present. The panel will have 2-3 minutes of questions and feedback, then we’ll jump straight to the next presentation. We will be very strict on timing.

·   The room is yours. Use any visual aids you want. Make it interactive if you can. But remember that you have 5 minutes.

·   You will get an alert at one minute and 30s remaining. I will not allow pitches to go long; some of the panel members need to leave at a certain time.


Your Judges will be:

1. Zach Supalla. Founder, Spark

2. Adam Benzion, Founder, and previous of Otterbox.

3. Winnie Yu, PhD. Principal & Director of Development at Flextronics Lab IX

4. Kush Gulati – Executive Director and General Manager of the Advanced IP Solutions group at Maxim

5. Maya Madison – Managing Director of IoT Marketing Innovation, Intel Corporation

Judging Criteria:

*Business Model

Who are your key partners? What is the cost and revenue breakdown/model, partnerships identified, and rollout strategy? Can this idea make money? Is there positive customer growth or revenue? Has a revenue model been defined and is it realistic?

* Customer Validation
Did the team identify customers (demographic, location etc)? Did the team get out and talk to customers? What is the value proposition to customers? Is there a customer validation and acquisition rollout strategy?

* Product Execution

Have you established a “Minimal Viable Product” for the weekend (software, hardware, etc.)? *Note: an MVP is the minimum set of features to be able to start collecting data. Will you able to demo something functional? Does it have a professional look and feel? Does it deliver a compelling and captivating user experience? Is it memorable? What key insights were gathered over the weekend to go in this creative direction?

We’ll explain how the voting/judging/prizes will work at 6:00PM.

Here’s a great primer on sunday presentations:

Be sure to practice AT LEAST TWICE and ONCE in front of a Mentor!

Good luck!